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The Savoy – London

1 Jun

The Place


My good wife and I were lucky enough to head to stay at the Savoy over the weekend.  There is no way I would every consider paying £500+ a night for a hotel of any description but this was free so I had no problem saying yes to it.

I have to say I don’t think it is a huge step above some of the nicer, if far more reasonably priced hotels I’ve stayed in across the UK.  The attention to detail from staff was exceptional but beyond that the room and the food in general etc was all of a very high quality but not of the standard that I would think would make me stump up that sort of cash.


There is a cake and patisserie shop at the Savoy called Melba and we stopped in for some carrot cake.

The Carrot Cake


I had a carrot cake cupcake on this visit.  The decoration was great with a very authentic looking marzipan carrot topper.  There was a huge amount of cream cheese icing, perhaps a bit too much if anything.  This was extremely fresh and enjoyable.  The texture of the cake was excellent, very moist and bitty, but for my pallet not spicy enough for a carrot cake.

Overall it was very good but not quite great.

The Drink

Not hot chocolate was consumed on this trip sadly.

The Rest


Not being such a fan of carrot cake Lauren opted for a salted caramel eclair.  I’m really sorry to say that this looked and sounded that bit better than it actually tasted.  Although the texture was nice it lacked the strong flavor to back it up, which was a shame.



Crumbs Kitchen

22 Jul

The Place


Crumbs kitchen is a vegetarian deli based in Morgan’s arcade in Cardiff city centre.  It is neatly packed into a nice little corner hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

The seating inside seemed a bit cramped, although I understand there may be additional seating upstairs, but thankfully me and my good wife managed to snag a couple of seats on one of the outside tables.  1It was a glorious day in Cardiff and while this is situated inside the glass roofing meant we were under the sun and it almost felt like we were having an outside experience.

The service was accommodating in catering to the requests we made in building the salads we ordered but I have to say, while possibly unintentional, it did somewhat feel as if it was a chore to be serving us.  I felt less like I was in a cafe and more that I was putting someone out in their own home.

The Drink


I had my now usual order of a caramel latte.  It was nice enough but not syrupy enough to my taste.  On a positive note it did come with accompanying biscuit which is always a bonus

The Carrot Cake

The carrot cake on offer looked very tempting and was organic so possibly the healthier version of such a treat.  However I’m off to Spain in two weeks and so I am trying to be as good as I can be – although still eating nowhere near as well as I should.

The Rest

Both my good wife and I had the house salad bowl which was beautifully fresh.


There was an array of options and ingredients and it was not only healthy but extreamly filling and very tasty.  The addition of peanuts added some great flavourings you don’t often get in a standard salad as well as added texture.

There were a number of added extras you could put into the standard salad and I have to say the sweet potato and paprika balls were fantastic.