Manifesto Roundup – The Election of Ideas

20 Apr

I thought I’d bring all my manifesto reviews together into one neat blogpost to save time and effort for everyone.  I’m considerate like that.  You are welcome

I have to say whatever your views on the individual policies each of these manifestos, to a lesser or greater degree, is establishing a platform to have a genuine education debate for this election.  I stated at the start of the year that one of my big hopes for Welsh education in 2016 was for education to be the election of ideas.  To a point I think we have that.

There is a lot of consensus points across the manifestos but equally they are also offering a different approach to delivering education and each has some standout policies that distinguish one party from the next.  There is a genuine choice in regards to education at this election.  I hope that some of these reviews will help you make a decision from a more informed basis.

So in order of how they were published:

Plaid Cymru

The Green Party

Welsh Lib Dems



Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour Supplementary Education Document

Of course the manifesto that I would suggest you should most get behind is that of the NUT.  You can find that here.  Many of the issues in there have been taken up by the political parties which is great to see.


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