Market House Delicatessen – Euro Disney

5 Apr


The Place

We were at Euro Disney for a family holiday and unfortunately on this particular day it was a very wet one.  The umbrellas were certainly out in force.

The cafe was on Disney Main Street and did a good job of reflecting that mid-west homely old american vibe.  The service was good, especially under pressure of a screaming baby in desperate need of milk!


The Drink


The drink was served boiling hot, which considering I was in a wet, miserable and Paris that was very much appreciated. The hot chocolate was extremely bitter with a strong chocolate flavor.  It really hit the spot and was a welcome return to my hot chocolate drinking exploits after not blogging a review for some time.

The Cake

Sadly no cake was consumed on this occasion but I did have carrot cake in Disney which was very nice indeed.

The Rest

12932605_10154153291708623_2027992531955390277_n (1)

The trip overall was lovely.  We made some amazing family memories.  That said, Disney with two children under 4 is very, VERY, tough.  I have never felt so close to breaking down as I did on this holiday.  The children have some fantastic experiences but they also proved that you can be miserable around the bright lights of Mickey’s house.


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