Manifesto Corner

16 Feb

It is good to see that political parties in Wales are starting to generate some real debate around education as we build towards the Welsh election in May.

The Lib Dems set their stall out early with a policy around class sizes, something I blogged about here.  Plaid Cymru recently proposed a raft of ideas, including the very interesting ‘teachers premium’ proposal. Over the weekend Labour announced some of their key pledges including £100m fund to boost school education standards.

I’ve generally held off blogging on these policies as I have been waiting for the full manifestos to come out.  Let’s be honest very few people read through manifestos but they remain the go to justification for policy decisions for any party entering government.  With that I thought I would look through the education pitches of each party as the manifestos come out to see what they are offering teachers, parents and pupils for the next Assembly term.

More to come when the full manifestos materialize.


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