1 Feb


I’ve always wanted to climb Pen-y-Fan but for some reason I never have, even though I’ve become a big fan of walking for pleasure and fitness over the past 12 months.  Finally, a few weekends back I did venture up with a group of friends.  We’ve all gone too old to play rugby so walking seems like the new group past-time.


You regularly hear people say how beautiful Wales is.  I actually blogged on that very topic a while back when I was trying to appreciate just how stunning Tenby is on a nice day.  However, it really can’t be stressed enough.  Some of the views on the way up the walk were quite simply sensational.12507099_10153956759743623_6554886498610608544_n


One thing I was quite amazed by was how quickly the weather changed.  You could really appreciate just how easy it is to get caught out.  During the initial stage of the climb we were stripping layers off as we were boiling on a hot and humid day.  Within half an hour you were wearing face masks and walking at a 45 degree angle to avoid being blown over by the wind.

I was also somewhat unprepared as to just how steep to final incline was on the route we had taken from Cwmgwdi car park.  The fog was constantly hiding each upcoming point until it finally jumped out on me.


By the time we reached the top conditions were freezing and sadly the mist had come in so that while we were able to appreciate the views on the way up the peak offered little to see.


Funny enough despite several setbacks we were up in quite a quick time.  Getting down proved more difficult.

20160112_090412 (2)

I think this photo probably sums up better than most how much disagreement we had about the best way down.  This even though we had a map and compass on us.12540876_10153487827399403_6541160689058677551_n

Eventually we did make it back and I am pleased to say I wasn’t even that sore the next day.


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