The Great Hathway Book Giveaway

23 Dec


Here’s the first of a good batch I offloaded to a friend. He’s a good egg and is passing them on with my notes

Every year I stockpile the books I’ve read over the course of a year.  You can see the hits and misses from 2015 here.  At the start of the next year I go about leaving those books for others to stumble upon.  In cafes, on trains, on park benches etc. all with a little note to say that they are a gift to anyone who wants them and with a simple request to just let me know what you thought on twitter.  It is fair to say my 2015 experiences were not all that successful.

Still, I am persevering.  I am a plucky individual.  I like to think of the world in the best possible terms and I remain convinced that sooner or later this will work.  Even if I am not seeing the recognition I can still, perhaps a little foolishly, imagine people cracking a smile when finding or finishing one of the books I’ve left for them.  Isn’t that a comforting, if a little naive, thought?

I have given a good few books to a friend home from England for Christmas (see above photo).  I am also giving a chunk to my brother and around 6 to friends holidaying over the festive period.  In that sense I’m already making a start as when they pass them on the network of book angels (that’s not too grand a title to give myself I don’t think?) is already widening.  I have no doubt the tidal wave effect will soon be in play and passing on books will become my full time occupation.*

*I can honestly say I will be delighted if I just get two or more tweets this year!


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  1. Chapter 1 | enjoythisbookblog - December 30, 2015

    […] Through the course of the last few years I decided to try and pass on my literary findings.  Each year I read the books I get through, on average about one a week.  I stockpile them and the over the course of the following twelve months I leave them in random places (coffee shops; train stations; pubs etc.) with a message for strangers to pick them up, enjoy and let me know what they though.  Depressingly I can’t say I’ve been that successful in the past.  That however has not dissuaded me nor undermined my positivity. […]

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