Music I’ve Discovered This Year

14 Dec

I would never claim to be cutting edge when it comes to music.  Far from it in fact.  I have an eclectic taste and tend to like most things but largely listen to mellow stuff while working and hip hop while training.  I’m not someone who goes to gigs but I have, thanks mainly to Spotify, listened more and more to a range of music this year and more frequently.  My ‘year on Spotify’ review says that I have listened to 610 hours of music in 2015.  Not sure if that is a good or bad thing though.  I try not to sit in front of the TV with the children so, while they do both watch it from time to time, I tend to have music on while we are all playing.  I’ve also discovered the real joy of walking for pleasure and active recovery from training this year and music has played a big part in that.

Below is a few of the songs/bands that have stood out with me this year.  Some are new/not very well known. Others may be very common and dated but I either discovered or re-discovered them in 2015.

Artists / Bands

Yelawolf – I came across Yelawolf as the song ‘Till It’s Gone’ was featured on the trailer for the Jonny Depp film ‘Black Mass.’  I loved that song and so dipped into his album ‘Love Story.’  There are some other great songs on the album, in particular ‘Empty Bottles,’ ‘Fiddle Me This,’ and ‘Best Friend,‘ and it has become a staple on my spotify.

X Ambassadors – I discovered these the way many people may have through their song ‘Renegades’ being featured on the JEEP advert.  Thanks to spotify I also managed to get introduced to other brilliant songs in their collection.  I especially loved ‘Love Songs Drug Songs,’ ‘Unconsolable’ and ‘Shining.’

Phillip Phillips – One of the best things about Spoitify are the host of random playlists that exist.  I stumbled across one called ‘I’m tired’ and found a host of really good songs and artists.  One of those was the ridiculously named Phillip Phillips.  He has a great tone to his voice. ‘Raging Fire’ and ‘My Boy’ in particular stood out for me.

50 Cent Generally I listen to folk music, soft stuff.  However, when I am at the gym its mainly hip hop and rap.  With that I have rediscovered 50 Cent this year.  Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is one of the best rap albums ever.  So many good training songs on there.

Kaleo – My good wife is a fan of the show Mistresses and one of Icelandic group Kaleo’s songs, ‘All the pretty girls’ was featured and I loved it.  Spotify only has another two of their songs available, ‘Way Down We Go’ and ‘Vor i Vaglaskogi.’ The latter in their native language.  All three are beautiful.

Matt Corby – Random YouTube videos led me to a Norwegian version of Corby’s song ‘Brother’ on their version of the Voice. I loved it, as I do the original.  I also really liked Corby’s songs ‘Resolution’ and ‘Made of Stone.’

Oh Honey – As stated above I do like a bit of folk music.  Listening to a random folk playlist on Spotify I came across Oh Honey and checked out their back catalog.  I really liked what I heard.  Some lovely background music for lazy Sundays at home.  Standout tracks for me are, Until you let me,’ ‘It can’t rain forever’ and ‘Sugar, You.’

Kwabs – Kwabs debut solo album ‘Love + War’ this year was a great addition to my music.  ‘Forgiven,’ ‘Perfect Ruin’ and ‘Walk’ are the picks for me.

Oasis – You know what they received a lot of unfair criticism for the later albums.  I never appreciated it at the time but the likes of ‘Heathen Chemistry’, ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’ and even ‘Be Here Now’ may not have had the raw appeal of ‘What’s the Story’ and ‘Definitely Maybe’ but taken as stand alone albums they are genuinely decent.


Prisoner 1 & 2 (Lupe Fiasco ) –  This song was featured on the ‘Creed’ movie trailer and I just thought it was brilliant.

Gold (Kiiara) – This was song of the week in September on Radio One.  I never listen to Radio One so it was remarkable I caught it but thankfully I did.  Unique and catchy.

Gold – Thomas Jack Remix (Gabriel Rios) – I randomly stumbled across this song after a Youtube playlist took me there automatically after listening to the above.

Lean On (Major Lazer) – I spend a couple of nights controlled crying Llew at the start of the year.  Which is to say I spent the best part of 48 hours awake.  This was pretty much on repeat during that time.

Are You With Me (Los Frequencies) – My summer song for the year.

Bloodsport (Raleigh Ritchie) – Nice chilled melancholic tune I heard on a summer’s day while sitting in the car waiting for Llew to wake from a nap.

Blue Monday (New Order) – Is there a better crafted pop song than this? Every second of the 7+ minutes is gold.

Elastic Heart (Sia) – I love this song, especially the piano version on Spotify.

Nevermind (Leonard Cohen) – This was used as the title track for the second series of True Detective.  Haunting.

Homeostasis (Nostalgia) – Powerful song that builds really well.

I’m Home (Cee Major) – I love this song.  It has been one of the staples of my lunchtime walks throughout the year.


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