Through the ages

28 Oct

Every so often me and/or my good wife sit Gryff and Llew on their toy boxes to get photos.  It is incredible how quickly they are growing up.  The first picture is about 10 months ago.  The last one is last weekend.

I plan to keep doing this until we have a set of 35 year olds on those boxes!


I love this one.  Look how stumpy little Llew’s legs are. They don’t even come close to the edge of the box!


This is my favourite.  Llew was about 8 months here. (He’s about 14 now).  This is the photo where you really get to see how close they are becoming as brothers.  They are best friends bless.


This one is stunning.  They are such sweet little boys.  Gryff looks like butter wouldn’t melt, which is true as he is such a polite boy.  Llew has that same look but I’m not so sure it is as close to the truth, he is a menace!


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