CIPR Bursary

19 Aug

Many thanks to the PR Academy who have just announced me as one of the winners of their bursary awards for this year.  The fact that they have had such a high number of applicants this year and that I was considered the most worthy as part of the judging decision is certainly a boost to the ego.  I intend to start the Internal Communications Diploma with them in October.  This will add to the Crisis Communications Diploma that I secured through the CIPR in 2013.

I hate treading water in a professional sense, which is why I have always tried to continue to add qualifications and skills as I go along.  This will be my fifth diploma if, and hopefully when, I achieve it.  As well as the two mentioned above I have also done diplomas in Marketing (CIM); Leadership & management (CMI) and Journalism (LSJ).  As well as these I have also achieved chartered status with the CIM and CMI.

I think another reason for this continued progression is the chip on my shoulder about only gaining a 2:2 at university.  I’ve no illusions about deserving better.  You get out what you put in.  I firmly belive I’d get a 1st today but undoubtedly I went to university too early.  To put it simply I wasn’t mature enough at 18 to appreciate the opportunity I was given.

I don’t necessarily see it as a failure.  I developed personally and made some life long friends.  What’s more I loved my time at uni.  Aberystwyth, belive it or not, remains up there with San Fransisco in the top two places I’ve been in my life.  However, educationally the greatest gift I took from university was the disappointment of a sub-par degree.  It gave me the focus and motivation to add future qualifications, awards and industry recognition to my CV and is possibly the single greatest factor (alongside travelling a little of the world) that has helped me reach where I have on a professional level, as well as shape my standards of work.

Back to the issue at hand.  I am incredibly grateful to the PR Academy for awarding me the bursary.  Without it I would probably have passed up studying towards a new diploma this year.  It is also a real motivational boost that the sector leading body have recognised the achievements I’ve reached in the past and have invested in me for the future.

Onwards and upwards for that next tick on the professional ladder then.


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  1. ishfakmubarak August 26, 2015 at 1:53 pm #

    Was helpful

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