Don’t Try This At Home – Angela Readman

9 Jun


Short story novels have never appealed to me until I read the excellent ‘The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher’ by Hilary Mantel last year.  I am glad I did as not only did I thouroughly enjoy that collection but it meant I chose to pick up another set of short stories this year when purchasing Angela Readman’s ‘Don’t Try This At Home.’

The collection is a fantastic set of off the wall, interesting, creative and pretty imaginative stories that really highlight the sideways thinking of the authour.  As with any short story collection there is an element of hit and miss here, no doubt heavily depending on your personal preferences.  Still, a number of the stories stood out including the title piece which focused on a woman who kept cutting her partner in half to grow a second, third, fourth, etc companion; the excellent ‘Conceptual’ which told the tale of a family living through art and how the norms of society tame that reality and the excellent, ‘There’s a woman who works down the chip shop.  Overall worth a read.


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