Another Test

15 May

Sometimes when discussing education policy it is all too easy to drift away from the human aspect of what we do.  In fact one of the main complaints I hear from teachers is that we are dehumanizing pupils due to the obsession with data modern education systems have been infected with.  There is less and less focus on how John, Jim or Jenny are feeling and developing and more on how many children from gender/socio-economic background X have reached level Y.  That is really quite depressing for those teachers that went into the profession to change the lives of children.

One area where this sometimes happens is in discussing testing.  That sterile approach was challenged last year when NUT Cymru produced the feedback on a survey I conducted of teachers about standardised literacy and numeracy testing.  The uncomfortable human impact of this policy was all to clear to see.

I just thought I would blog briefly to draw attention to this piece by Cathy Owen in the Western Mail.  It is worth a read.  Not only does it offer a personal view from a parent it also reinforces the view that most educationists have long since accepted, which is that a standardised test does not fit all individuals equally and in many cases offers a badly misleading view of the capabilities of a child.  Something we should keep in mind as schools again undertake those annual exams.


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