The Humans – Matt Haig

12 May


After a bit of a bad run my book choices have picked up a little in recent weeks with ‘True Grit,’ ‘The Girl on the Train’ and the excellent ‘Chop, Chop.’ This was certainly a fine addition to that foursome.

The plot involves an alien who inhabits the body of a British mathematics professor who has recently solved the Riemann hypothesis. His mission is to eliminate the proof, and anyone aware of it, so that humans do not advance beyond their capabilities. However, the real story is the understanding, appreciation and love that he gains for the human race. Both the virtues and flaws of our species are highlighted in a quirky and off kilter way which are heart-warming, saddening and amusing in equal measure. It is a lovingly bittersweet review of the human race that makes you think, in a personal way, about just how brilliant and bizarre we can be.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and definitely think it is one worth picking up. I can imagine it would make a pretty nice beach novel for anyone heading off for their summer holidays in the coming weeks and months.

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