Casino Royale – Ian Fleming

8 Apr


I’ve decided this year to work through some of the original Bond novels.  I’ve done this partly as I thought it would be interesting to appreciate the differences between the books and the films; partly because I’m not 100% sure I’m fully aware of all the plots of the films and partly because the vintage Bond collection has some brilliant covers.

Starting from the start I’ve just worked through Casino Royale.  This is a film I am familiar with given it is one from the modern franchise.  The story is very similar to the film with the exception of a few minor changes which do not really alter the general thrust of what happens.

The Bond we encounter in print is much darker than those portrayed by Connery, Dalton, Brosnan or Moore.  Bond is more fallible and therefore more believable as a character with less of an emphasis on the humour and light-heartedness of the aforementioned actors.  While Brosnan Is my favourite bond on film I’d say it is Daniel Craig’s version that is the most authentic.

Overall I did enjoy this and am now moving on to ‘Live and let Die.’  As an aside I read ‘Solo’ last year and William Boyd did a good job of replicating the Fleming style in hindsight.


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