Keigo Higashino – Malice & Salvation of a Saint

30 Mar

I’ve been a fan of Keigo Higashino since I read ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’ about two years ago.  It is a very intricate mystery.  So much so, that in all honesty I was trying to work out one riddle not knowing that a completely different one was running in parallel until the closing stages.  Once you get past the initial issue of distinguishing between the Japanese names and places it is a thoroughly enjoyable read and highly recommended.  I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and these novels have piqued my interest even further in the culture.

Malicephoto 1

I was a little disappointed in this simply because it didn’t measure up to the Devotion of Suspect X.  In reality it is a good offering and as a standalone book it is a well thought out mystery that deceives and misdirects in equal measure.  At times it felt as if the plot was being dragged out unnecessarily but it certainly warranted a read.

Salvation of a Saint

photo 2

This book saw the return of ‘Detective Galileo,’ from the Devotion of Suspect X.  Like the rest of Higashino’s novels this was a very fresh take on the locked room conundrum.  The book focuses on the death of Yoshitaka Mashiba.  He has been poisoned but the key suspect appears to have an air tight alibi being on the other side of the country at the time.

I don’t wish to go into too much detail as I am bound to give something away.  All that I will say is that Higashino once again succeeds in creating subtle smoke and mirrors while drawing the reader into the investigation with the fast pace that allows the almost 400 pages to be turned over in no time.


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