21 Oct


Like most people I’m prone to saying, “never again,” after a heavy night drinking.  The older I’ve got the more I’ve said it and it’s required less and less alcohol to make me utter those words.  That was until July when I actually decided to pack it in.

This was relatively easy for me because I haven’t been one to really drink on any sort of regular basis since my days in Aberystwyth university some ten years ago.  That isn’t to say I didn’t drink, nor that I didn’t drink more than perhaps I should when I did have a tipple, but that I’ve never been someone who drinks during the week and my weekend consumption was reduced significantly when I got to the point of having to source babysitters for the pleasure.  I say babysitters what I actually mean is getting mam to watch the baby.

However, I’ve now jacked it in completely.  I can’t say I’ve seen the positives most people may experience, the extra money of physical health improvements for example, because, as I said, I didn’t drink often enough for those to matter anyway.  Still, there’s certainly been a general sense of enhanced well-being from taking the decision.  Perhaps it’s the psychological effect of the smugness of telling people you’ve been teetotal for an extended period of time.

The last time I drank any alcohol was at a friend’s wedding at the end of July. (see picture above).  I haven’t decided if I’ll drink at all over Christmas as yet.  Part of me is considering just not drinking again.  I’ve radically changes my relationship with food after working with a nutritionist and not drinking alcohol is part of the healthier lifestyle I’ve been living.  The other part of me thinks it is Christmas after all.


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