Second Time Around

17 Oct

A little under two months ago I was blessed by the premature but safe arrival of son number two.  Llew Rhys Hathway.


I’m not sure what I expected in terms of the impact on my life.  Most people told me that the second child was much easier.  In many ways it has been.  I’m not second guessing every decision like I did with the Gryffalo.  You become more familiar and confident in your parental abilities.  You’ve done it before and the mental blitz that goes with your first isn’t quite as shocking.  Still, I’ve felt so much more tired this time around.

Perhaps I had just totally purged the sleep deprivation from my mind or maybe the Gryffalo’s adapted to a sleeping pattern a lot sooner.  Either way, this time around it has really taken its toll.  I shouldn’t grumble too much.  Credit where it is due my good wife takes the brunt of it given I am up for work during the week.

I’m glad to say things have started to settle slightly these days.  The cot is up and Llew has made the long march from Moses basket to proper cot bed and is starting to get this whole sleep in the night thing.  Sometimes at least.

One of my main fears being a dad already was how Gryff would react to a new sibling vying for the attention of his parents.  I’m sure it is a real concern to anyone having a second child.  I’ve seen other friends children act up and cause problems.  Totally understandable of course.  This is a huge change in their lifestyle.  Thankfully son number one has been an absolute pleasure.  I’ve been so proud of him.  The main problem we’ve had is that he is jealous of us hogging time with Llew as he always wants to be near him.  They are going to grow up to be such close brothers it really does melt your heart.

The arrival of Llew has seemingly done wonders for Gryff’s own progress also.  He’s gone from saying just a few words to having full blow conversations since his promotion to older brother status.  He blows my mind coming up with new words every day.  The way children soak up knowledge is truly remarkable and has really hit home to me, on a professional level, just how vitally important those pre-school early years are to the long-term life chances of a student.

As for my relationship with Gryff it has got just got stronger.  He’s my best friend in the world. (Sorry to Peter Griffin who, at my wedding, was my best man.  You are still in the top 3 behind the boys).  It is safe to say that I can have no fears that the child below is as happy as ever.



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