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8 Oct

The tagline of the blog reads, “Some thoughts on education. Some life musings. Mostly carrot cake and hot chocolate.”  The truth is there has been a lot of posts on education, some on carrot cake and hot chocolate but none on life in general.  A good thing some may say.

I did start the blog, believe it or not, simply to post on carrot cake and hot chocolate but it quickly became more of an outlet for me to flesh out ideas and thoughts about education.  Still, I want to start some more random observations on here from time to time, and even use it to document the family Hathway.

I thought I’d start but just reflecting on how stunning Wales is.  It is very easy to forget this fact.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to some amazing places.  I’ve stood at the top of the Grand Canyon and on some of Thailand’s stunning beaches to name the two most visually striking.  (Standing in the middle of Kiev two hours before my flight with Air Ukraine takes off after the car containing my belongings ‘disappeared’ would not make the list).  Still, while some people may laugh at the suggestion, I honestly think some parts of Wales can hold up in comparison to the better places I’ve been to across the globe.

Over the weekend I went to Tenby and some of the views in that picturesque town are a match for anywhere on its day.


 Tenby as taken by yours truly

A few weeks back I went to a wedding in North Wales and, as is always the case when I make the drive from the Rhondda to there, the scenery just blows me away.  While the A470 is one of the devils greatest creations it does offer some breathtaking landscape through both the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Park.  We are extremely lucky to live in such an amazing place that it really is worth the effort to take a step back and appreciate it.


I was in Tenby for a second attempt at a family holiday.  My first try five weeks ago was cut short with the surprise appearance of my second son Llew.  I’m pleased to say that we had the full experience on this occasion.  For those of you with a young family I couldn’t recommend Tenby as a short break enough.  Folly Farm in particular was brilliant.


Family holidays brining brothers together


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