A hard days work

30 Sep

I’ve written a few times on the blog about workload.  I know I sound like a bit of a broken record but the reality is that this is a problem that Government’s at both ends of the M4 have failed drastically to acknowledge let alone begin to address. Worryingly the financial, educational and health impact of this issue cannot be overstated.

A recent survey conducted by the NUT, which received over 16,000 responses, highlighted just how much of a concern this is.

  • 90% of teachers said they had considered giving up teaching during the last two years because of workload.
  • 87% said they know one or more colleagues who had given up during the last two years because of workload.
  • 96.5% said their workload had negative consequences for their family or personal life.

Quite clearly we are at a crossroads with action to tackle this issue absolutly crucial.  Ever increasing teacher workloads are leaving many in the role physically and mentally exhausted while others have left, or are considering leaving, the profession altogether.

We all want the best education system possible. However, the sort of demands that are currently, and increasingly, being placed on the shoulders of teachers is acting as a barrier to achieving that. What is most frustrating is that much of the demands on teacher’s time are not actually directly to do with art of teaching but rather the bureaucracy that goes hand in hand with the job.

Teachers are desperate to help nurture students to fulfil their potentials. For teachers, parents and pupils it is time we created the right environment in our school system to allow that to happen.


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