Parker’s Cafe Bar – Newtown

4 Jun

The Place

photo 3

Me, my good wife and the Gryffalo were travelling to North Wales for a christening and decided to take a break when we reached Newtown. It was a extremely wet and miserable day and this was a much need needed break, if only to get away from the nursery rhymes of Peppa pig that had been on repeat for some time.

The welcome was great with very accommodating staff who made a special effort with Gryff. The interior was smart and clean.

The Hot Chocolate

photo 2

I was offered a large-sized drink and cream and marshmallows. This is an offer often overlooked when buying a hot chocolate. I held on the marshmallows as I just don’t think they work.

The cream was a real treat, silky and smooth. Arguably the best cream I’ve had to date with hot chocolates on the blog. The powdered chocolate dusted on top was rich and added texture.

The taste of drink was a strong Cadbury style chocolate flavour and was all in all a very well turned out hot chocolate.

The Carrot Cake

There was no carrot cake available unfortunately but I did have this Victoria sponge.

photo 1

Sadly this was a tad dry and didn’t live up to the appearance. A small blip in an otherwise highly worthwhile stop to break up the A470 hell that is South to North Wales transport links.


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