In Conversation With…… Beth Davies

16 May


It has been a while since I’ve done a ‘In Conversation With…” piece but I was pleased to have had the opportunity to sit down with Beth Davies.

Beth is an NUT officer and previously a teacher and headteacher with over 37 years in the teaching profession.  Beth was a Wales Executive member when I started working for the NUT, she actually appointed me, and up until the National Union of Teachers conference in April she was the President of the Union.

I’m sure I could have spoken for some time with Beth on any one of a number of issues, but while we went of on tangents from time to time, the focus of the discussion was mostly on her time as president.  We had a really good discussions about what she had seen in different areas of the UK and beyond as well as the diverging systems that we are seeing in England and Wales.

Sadly I had the mic on the wrong setting and so Beth’s response, until the last few minutes, are very quiet.  You can still hear them though, just, and given I think she made some really interesting points I didn’t want to waste the interview and so I’ve posted it anyway.

Please click on the link below to hear the interview.


I’m currently having a little technical difficulty with my soundcloud account but when it is sorted I’ll post a link to it there for anyone who can’t listen above.

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