The Piccolo Bar – Porthcawl

7 May

The Place

The Piccolo Bar is located along the Porthcawl seafront and so is ideally placed as a stop off point when enjoying a nice walk with the view.

photo 1

The cafe does have indoor seating if you wanted to shelter from the weather.  With large glass windows it allows good views of the sea and would be a lovely location to enjoy a hot chocolate on a day with rough seas I’m sure.

photo 2

On this occasion, while it was a little windy, the weather was nice enough for us to carry on walking so we had the drinks to take out.

photo 10

The Carrot Cake

I’m not sure if they do offer carrot cake but as we were walking I opted not to have anything to eat.

The Hot Chocolate

photo 8

I chose the advertised “thick deluxe” hot chocolate and I’m pleased to say that the drink lived up to its reputation.  The texture was thick which is always a good thing in my book.

There was a strong bitter dark chocolate flavour to the drink which was well appreciated, although with the bitterness it may have been worth also having a water to follow.  That isn’t necessarily a complaint of the drink just an enhancement that could be made if I was to return.

Often, take away hot chocolates are served luke warm but this one was absolutely boiling.  If anything it was too warm. That being said, as it was being drunk while walking along beside the sea, it was great for keeping me warm.

I didn’t have cream as I don’t think it works for the take away experience. However, my good wife did and gave it a good review.

photo 7

I’m also pleased that my continuing mentoring work is going well. My young hot chocolate apprentice is developing quite the palate.

photo 4

The Rest

Overall the Gryffallo had quite the day out.  As well as the marvels of a nice hot chocolate we also took him to the height of Welsh sophistication.  Porthcawl fair.

photo 5

I’m not too sure how much he will thank us for that mind.  At one point he went on a caterpillar rollercoaster (a children’s one obviously).  To say he hated it is an understatement.  I think I may have scarred him for life.  I’m not sure what was worse for him.  Being shunted around in terror or seeing his mammy in tears of laughter at the face he pulled coming around every corner.  For those concerned about him a quick ice cream seemed to sort him out.

photo 6


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