Wicked Carrot Cake – Bar One WMC Cardiff

24 Mar

The Place

I have previously blogged about Bar One at the Millennium Center. I’m a big fan of the place.

The Hot Chocolate


The last time I blogged on the hot chocolate from the WMC it was a very nice drink. On this occasion I did find it a tad bland in flavor. It wasn’t necessarily bad but just average which was a shame as usually Bar One hot chocolates are very good.

The Carrot Cake

photo 2

This was the first carrot cake I’d had for a long while so I;m pleased to be able to report that it was good. The cake itself was not quite as spicy as I like but the texture was moist.

The frosting was delicious, creamy yet firm, and really made up for any shortcomings with the flavor of the cake.

The Rest

photo 3

I was at the WMC with my good wife, equally passionate about her hot chocolates although very often far less critical than me.

We were at the center to watch Wicked, which was excellent, and we also enjoyed a caramel slice.

photo 1

I’m a big fan of Bar One’s caramel slices. This one was very good but a bit too much of a biscuit base.


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