The Lake Room Roath

21 Jan

The Place

On this day it was very busy. The first day without rain will do that. The surroundings are great for Gryff in that he fed the swans and there’s a nice park to play in.  The Lake Room is a nice place to stop and have lunch if you’re spending the day in Roath Park.

Ignoring the rush indoors when we were there it has some lovely views in the conservatory section and you can imagine it being idyllic on quieter days

The Hot chocolatephoto 1

I was dissapointed that cream was not offered when buying. The drink was done by machine but it tasted like it was from a packet. There was a decent chocolate flavour but it wasn’t strong enough for me. Overall this was pretty average.

The Carrot Cake

The carrot cake looked very good but I resisted as I’m trying to diet a bit.  Hot chocolate was enough for one day.  (4lbs lost this week – almost back to pre Xmas levels!)

The Rest

photo 3

My good wife had a chocolate brownie slice which looked amazing and she assured me it was. Dense and moist.

While walking in the park I was impressed with Gryff’s impression of Jesse from breaking bad.

photo 2


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