Clydach Lakeside Cafe

11 Jan

The Place:

As a family we spend quite a bit of time up the lakes in Clydach.  The Gryffalo loves to walk around the lake and feed the ducks.  Inside it is a bit basic but the staff are always friendly.  There is a bit of an odd atmosphere in that they also sell alcahol so there is always a mix of families like ours and the odd person who is boozing.  Somehow that works though?

The Carrot Cake:

There wasn’t any carrot cake on this occasion.  Me and Gryff did split a very nice Welsh cake mind.

The Hot Chocolate:

photo (2)

First things first I was offered cream when ordering which is the first time that has happened for a while.  Always pleasing.  The cup itself was slightly too full which did cause it to spill over sadly.  The cream was nice and chilled and the chocolate dusting gave it a strong taste.  The drink itself was a bit on the watery side but still quite satisfying, especially as we had been around the lake and were freezing when sitting down.

Rhondda prices are great.  We had two hot chocolates, a tea and a Welsh cake for £3.60.  You would struggle to get the tea for that in Cardiff.

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