The Welsh Deli – Porthcawl

2 Jan

The Place:

The cafe was pretty basic in its appearance.  The staff were pleasant enough and the facilities were ok.  You wouldn’t come here for the decor but neither would you really be put off either.

The day itself was freezing and made even colder by the wind of being down by the sea.  The ideal time to have a hot chocolate.

photo 4

The Carrot Cake:

I didn’t see any for sale sadly, or perhaps fortunately as I am trying to lose this Christmas weight.  Not that hot chocolate is a good basis for a diet.

The Hot Chocolate:

photo 2 (2)

The first thing to notice is that there was a biscuit  accompaniment.  It is a bit sad I know but I’m always pleased when this is the case with hot chocolate.  It’s the something for nothing of it all I’m sure.  That said given the size of it I did wonder what was the point.  However, I took that cynicism back when I ate it as it has a very strong amaretto flavor that went really well with the drink.  I did feel somewhat sorry for my good wife who lost out on trying hers after the Gryffalo scoffed it.

photo 3

The drink itself was very good.  I was a little disappointed that it didn’t have cream on top, especially after asking for that.  The taste did somewhat make up for it with a strong and full chocolate burst with each sip.  As stated above I am trying to detox after Christmas and so am on a diet consisting of pretty much just meat, broccoli, spinach and eggs at the moment.  When that is taken into account a swift hot chocolate is a much needed pick me up.

The Rest:

The Gryffalo has started taking a fancy to tea and so he sat with his dad to share a hot drink (tipped into his little bottle) and warm up.

photo 1 (1)

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