The Great NUT Cymru Xmas Bake Off

16 Dec

Forget PISA tests it was the results of the Great NUT Cymru Xmas Bake Off that has had the education world on the edge of its seat this year.  My entry was an improved version of my Carrot Cake.  The significant changes I made included doubling the amount of mixed spices and ground cinnamon I included; using buttercream instead of cream cheese icing and the decorative NUT marzipan carrots.  I did intend to cover the whole cake in icing but it didn’t happen, which I think was an error on my behalf.

On the presentation I think the carrots gave it a bit of glamour but there’s a fair bit of work to go in the icing stakes.  It certainly could have looked prettier but I wasn’t too disappointed.  Feedback on the taste was very positive and I felt I was in with an outside chance.

photo 2


There where some other cracking entires mind as seen below.

photo 3

Christine’s Pear and pecan cake

photo 1

Glesni’s Xmas tree themed fruit cake

photo 5

Lisa’s Christmas Baileys Log

photo 4

Andrea’s Cherry Brandy Chocolate Pots. 


And finally, Debbie’s Cherry Bakewell Tart

In a contest that the judges took painstakingly serious, the eventual winner was………

….The bakewell tart.  Delicious it was too.


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