Cafe Torre – Cardiff

22 Nov

The Place


Cafe Torre is nice and spacious. I felt a bit self-conscious being the only person in there (it was 9:21am) and was outnumbered by the staff 2:1. That said they were very welcoming.

photo 1

There’s a good relaxed feel to the place, ideal to sit and read a paper over breakfast

Hot chocolate

The key thing at the start was that I was asked if I wanted cream. Increasingly something that’s forgotten about. That said I was slightly bemused that the cream was served in a separate pot? Still it was very nice cream. Firm, chilled and refreshing.

photo 4

I’m not sure if I like the way the hot chocolate was served or not. It’s either very odd or very cute. Maybe a bit of both.

photo 3

The flavour of the drink was full and thick and very tasty. Dipping the cream in as I went along actually worked well so maybe I shouldn’t have judged the serving of it separately quite so quickly.

The Carrot Cake

I didn’t have one as I stopped in for breakfast but the one on display did look lovely and may well be worth a return visit.

The Rest

photo 2

I had a real hankering for porridge and honey. Ideal on a cold day. Sadly this one was served a bit thin and I’m not sure the honey was actually put in?

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