Kemi’s Pontcanna

19 Nov

The Place

As some people will know I’m a massive fan of Cafe Brava. Unbeknown to me Kemi’s is located at the other end of the same street. I have previously blogged on carrot cake from Kemi’s from their now closed outlet in Cardiff Bay.

While I didn’t eat in, the place itself is lovely and light with a large window to watch the world go by. This is definitely somewhere worth visiting on a slow day or a quiet weekend. Ideal hangover recovery I’d imagine.

The staff member who greeted me was really friendly and welcoming. For the record he recommended the key lime pie to me. Maybe I’ll give it a try next time I pass.

The Carrot Cake


They were out of the usual carrot cake and so I ended up having a slice of the carrot, rum and pineapple cake. My obsession with carrot cake is clear to see from this blog. I am also a big fan of rum. I do, however, hate pineapple. I would have passed it up but I was getting the cake for an ‘In Conversation With….’ piece I’ll be publishing later in the week so I was committed.

On the negative side the cake wasn’t particularly spicy. With the inclusion of rum I would have expected more of a kick so that was a little disappointing.

The positives, thankfully, far outweighed the negatives. The pineapple flavour was very timid but its inclusion was good as it added a different texture to the cake. The cake itself was moist and the frosting was up there the best I’ve had. Creamy yet firm.

All in all a very nice and refreshing carrot cake and well worth a return visit in future.

The Hot Chocolate

Sadly as I was on the way to do an audio blog I didn’t stay to sample any hot chocolate. Maybe next time, with a slice of key lime pie.


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