In Conversation With…. Aled Roberts AM

28 Oct

In the second of the ‘In Conversation With…..’ audio blogs I was pleased to be able to sit down with Aled Roberts AM. (Recorded October 22nd)


Aled has been the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education, Spokesperson for Children and Young People and Spokesperson for the Welsh Language since he was elected to the National Assembly for Wales as a regional Assembly Member for the North Wales Region. Prior to that he was the leader of Wrexham County Council.

Please click below to hear the conversation where we discussed the recent budget negotiations to secure additional funding for the Pupil Deprivation Grant; the current state of education in Wales; the role of the local authority and a reaction to Huw Lewis AM’s recent ‘Reform, Rigour and Respect’ speech.

Alternativly you can listen on soundcloud here.

The Carrot Cake

All participants in the audio blog series usually will get carrot cake from me but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get a chance to pick one up on this occasion. I owe you a slice Aled. Sorry!


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