Home Made Hot Chocolate – Chocca-Mocca

24 Oct

Angela Jardine, who has previously featured on the blog in posts about education and carrot cake, has now successfully compleated the holy trinity of the carrot cake diaries by sparking a hot chocolate post.

As a congratulations for being a CIPR Young Communicator of the Year finalist (or perhaps commiserations for not winning) she was kind enough to present me with a home-made hot chocolate to try.

photo 1

She also gave me a glass to pour it into and an accompanying selection of caramelised almonds.

photo 2

To prove the NUT Cymru executive are sticklers for details she even remembered the milk.

photo 3

To do it justice I followed the directions pretty much to the letter and this was the end result.


This was quite easily the nicest hot chocolate I’ve ever had at home. It was extremely rich and very chocolatey. As far as a hot chocolate goes it ticked all the boxes. It was a comforting, ideal home-made hot chocolate in front of the TV. (I was watching The Tunnel to give you the true sense of place – not a patch on The Bridge).

The only thing missing is that it could do with adding cream in future.

Diolch Angela


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