Tesco Talbot Green

21 Oct

The Place

Tesco is a Tesco I guess. There’s not much to say beyond that really?

The Carrot Cake

photo 3

We bought the cake for a lunch we had with friends. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The cake was moist and spicy with good frosting. I was a little disappointed as I like an extra helping of icing running through the cake but overall it was very good value and a refreshing end to lunch.

The Hot Chocolate

photo 1

The Tesco cafe serves costa hot chocolates/coffee. I’ve reviewed Costa outlets twice in the past at Leckwith and Taunton. I would say this was probably the least satisfying of the three.

The hot chocolate came boiling hot. I guess you could argue that better this than cold. Still, it was so hot it took forever to cool down and drink. I guess that’s just me being pedantic mind.

I ordered a medium which was too big. In fact it was huge. While granted there was a small on offer you can’t help feel the medium was in fact large. Again me being pedantic perhaps.

There was no whipped cream, which was available with previous visits to other Costas. That was disappointing, especially given it was so hot. Having whipped cream would have cooled it down when drinking and always adds to the hot chocolate experience.

The drink itself was a bit weak and a little watery. All in all a disappointment.

The Rest

photo 2

I’m starting to believe the Gryffalo is a visionary. Here he is developing his new creation of an omelette and hot chocolate combo. Not for my palate I must say.


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