In Conversation with…..Gary Brace & Angela Jardine

30 Sep

A few months back I posted about how I was planning to start audio blogs to get the views of different people within the education sector. I was very pleased to be able to start the conversation with Gary Brace and Angela Jardine of the General Teaching Council Wales. (GTCW).

Gary is the chief executive of the GTCW and has been since its inception in 2000, meaning he has been at the heart of teaching standards throughout the devolution era. Before this he was a history teacher for 15 years so there is little doubting his experience in the profession. You can follow him on twitter here.

Angela is chair of the GTCW. I also know Angela through her work as a Wales Executive Member at NUT Cymru and have been inspired by her passion and knowledge of educational issues. She has also given me a lot of encouragement with this blog, including the carrot cake side of things, and so I was delighted she agreed to take part.

Click on the below audio link to hear the conversation. We touched on the work of the GTCW, the challenges facing the organisation moving forward in relation to the impact of the forthcoming Education (Wales) Bill and the supply sector.

Alternatively you can listen to it on my soundcloud page.

Any constructive criticism on this new addition to the blog is very welcome, as are suggestions for people to approach to take part.

You can read more about the GTCW and its work at their website here.

The Carrot Cake

All interviewees will be treated to a carrot cake as payment, combining the two passions of this blog. Given this was the first of these audio blogs I went to the extra effort of baking this particular cake myself.


I blogged on my own carrot cake here.


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