Oriel – Senedd – Cardiff Bay

26 Sep

The Place


I love the Assembly building in general. Having worked for both a Member of Parliament and an Assembly Member in the past (well actually two MPs and a host of AMs) I’ve spent time in both the Assembly and the House of Commons. While I can appreciate the grandiose setting of Westminster and the imposing history that it has, I find the Senedd a far more open, transparent and ultimately welcoming building for the general public. Certainly a better setting for a cafe.

The Oriel is a nice open space for some time out of the pressures of the Assembly’s work for those that are there and an ideal relaxed meeting environment for those that are stopping by to view the work of our national legislature.

The Carrot Cake

On this occasion I didn’t have a slice, largely due to eating a huge amount of my own carrot cake during the week. The carrot cake on offer did look tempting mind and I am sure I will return to it in future.

The Hot Chocolate


Sadly the surroundings of the Oriel are not really reflected in the drink. The hot chocolate was quite bland and watery. There was no real chocolate flavour and left me a little unfulfilled.

The Rest

I had this hot chocolate after appearing before the Children and Young People’s Committee to give evidence on the Education (Wales) Bill. You can view that session here. My section starts around 50 minutes in.


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