My First Ever Attempt At Carrot Cake

25 Sep

So after many a month of blogging about carrot cake I have finally got around to baking my own.


I have to say the look of the cake when it came out of the over was pretty good. Well, it looked vaguely like it should which is always my barometer when it comes to success or failure.


Despite following the recipe to the letter something about the icing didn’t quite sit right with me. It was far runnier than planned.

photo 3

Not that the Gryffalo was complaining.

photo 2

Indeed, I think I could have served that up on its own as a dessert and he would have been more than happy.

photo 1

After applying the icing the final product didn’t quite look as good as anticipated, or could have, but none the less I was pleased.


As far as the taste goes I would say it was a mixed bag. The last cake I baked was a raspberry ripple Victoria sponge.


While that looked great it had sunk and I was forced to fill it in with butter icing. Not that I was necessarily complaining about that. I love butter icing.

Anyway. As far as the carrot cake went the texture was really pleasing. It was moist and springy and I was quite proud of it. Unfortunately, while nothing was wrong with the flavor for me it was a little bland. I like a spicy carrot cake and I think I should have ignored the guide and doubled (at least) the recommendation for cinnamon and mixed spices. As for the icing I think it would have been better to make a butter icing rather than a cream cheese based icing. I think my good wife summed it up best when she described it as, “not enough cinnamon….too much orange.” Things for me to consider in future.

Still, all being said, as a first attempt I’d still give it a solid 6/10. The basics were there.

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