Cafe Castan – Llandaf Fields

23 Sep

The Place


Cafe Castan is just off Llandaf fields. The park itself is somewhere that me and my good wife often visit with the Gryffalo. He loves to just run around entertaining himself and the cafe offers a good stopping point to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

There is seating outside and in but it’s ideal for getting some food and taking it to sit on the grass as a picnic.

photo 4

The Carrot Cake

I didn’t have any carrot cake, I’m not sure they actually do any. However, I will be posting a carrot cake review this week.

The Hot Chocolate

photo 2

It didn’t particularly entice me by the look. It is fair to say that as far as the visual goes it wasn’t one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had. I was also disappointed not to have been offered cream. Cafe Castan did, I discovered seeing someone elses hot chocolate, do cream but this was an additional option you had to ask for. Personally I think it should always be offered when ordering, even if it does cost more.

The above being said I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The taste was a strong bitter chocolate and very refreshing. It really hit the spot and is highly recommended.

The Gryffalo also got in on the act finishing off this hot chocolate.


As you can see, with hot chocolate still on his little face, he was also impressed.


The Rest

photo 3

The take away food we had took an age to come. While in fairness it was rather busy when I ordered the wait for what was essentially just a few sandwiches was far too long.

Still it was really nice. A tasty pannini and an excellent salad with a refreshing pesto and balsamic dressing.


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