Carrot Cake and Dirt; Cefn Mably Farm – Old St Mellons

1 Aug

The Place


Given the nature of the business you would hardly drop in to Cefn Mably just for a drink or slice of cake. The many, many children running around doesn’t make for a relaxing atmosphere. However, those of you who are parents will find it an ideal day out.

Between the farm petting zoo, outside parks, pony rides and indoor soft play area it is an absolutely great place to take a young child. Even if, like the Gryffalo, they are still building up the courage to get close to the animals.


This was far closer than the Gryffalo managed on our last visit. 

An added treat for parents is the really nice food available in the day and a well stocked farm shop.

The Hot Chocolate

I didn’t have a hot chocolate on this occasion as it was a pretty warm day, made even warmer by chasing the Gryffalo through soft play tunnels.

The Carrot Cake


I’m pleased to say that this cake lived up to its appearance.

The icing, which generally is a real make or break for any carrot cake, was very creamy. The cake was served very chilled, which often isn’t the case, and made the icing even more refreshing. The cake itself was moist and had a spiced yet subtle flavour.

All in all a really nice piece of cake.

The Rest

Yes I love carrot cake, but the Gryffalo is not quite as fussy on flavour. Turned my back on him for a second and he had a mouthful of dirt



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