Coffee #1 – Wood Street Cardiff

12 Jul

The Place

Located near the train station, Coffee#1 is ideal for those either getting into Cardiff or killing time before catching a train elsewhere. It is quite small inside so seating could be a problem but I can’t complain that I’ve ever had an issue there.

The Hot Chocolate

I have previously blogged about Coffee#1’s other outlet in Pontcanna here.  In that blog I discussed the array of different hot chocolate’s on offer with a commitment to trying some.  So, with that in mind I popped in to the Wood Street venue to give one a whirl.


I opted for a hazelnut hot chocolate. The cream was nice and refreshing and the chocolate flakes added to the texture. The drink itself had a good, strong hazelnut flavour; always handy when its a hazelnut hot chocolate. There was quite a syrupy taste which may be too rich for some. Personally I have a very sweet tooth and so that worked well for me.

All in all this was a nice variation on the traditional hot chocolate and gets a big thumbs up from me.


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