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Coffee Barker – Cardiff

29 May

The Place


Located in Castle Arcade there’s a fair bit of competition for Coffee Barker, including the amazing Madame Fromage. There’s a nice decor to the cafe with comfy seating and big windows creating a relaxed atmosphere to reflect on life with some cake and a drink. We sat outside and the blankets provided on the seating was an especially nice touch.


The Hot Chocolate


Me and my good wife both had hot chocolates but for a change I opted for the white chocolate version. Sadly it turns out, perhaps rather unsurprisingly, white hot chocolate is quite sickly and I left the majority of it. That’s not a reflection on Coffee Barker to be fair but just that white hot chocolates are not for me. You live and learn.

The Carrot Cake


The icing was the hero of this carrot cake. Thick and with nice texture. As for the cake itself, the taste was there but I found it a tad dry, reminiscent of the carrot cake I previously reviewed at Cafe Brava. In the interests of balance I should say my good wife disagreed and enjoyed it.

The Rest


I did have a really lovely and spicy chicken and chorizo panini which added to the pleasant nature of the setting is enough to recommend a return visit.

Coffe Barker
Castle Arcade


Bar One; Wales Millenium Centre – Cardiff Bay

10 May

The Place

I love the Millennium Centre.


I honestly think it is one of the best things about Wales. Over the years I’ve seen some brilliant things in the main hall, such as Yes Prime Minister; Derren Brown; One Man Two Guvnors etc, and some really random things in the smaller theatres where it has just been me, my wife and if we were lucky a few other people scattered around the seats.


Bar One itself is an attractive open plan area with large windows to allow you to sit, drink your hot chocolate and watch the world of the Bay pass you by. There are few places better than Cardiff Bay in the sunshine and with outside seating Bar One is ideal. As a fully licensed venue it’s also great for a quiet afternoon tipple. The inside is an homage to the WMC’s past successes with signed posters of Les Miserables, Oliver and Mama Mia.

The service can be a bit slow but I’m always cheered by the lovely lady who works there insting on calling me ‘sweetie.’

The Hot chocolate


As regular readers (are there any readers let alone regular ones?) will know, I am partial to whipped cream with my hot chocolate. Sadly none comes with the order at Bar One. However, the froth of the drink is particularly creamy. There is a lovely milk chocolate flavour and smooth texture. Definitely a hot chocolate to appreciate.

The Carrot Cake

I didn’t have a piece on this occasion but a very tempting carrot cake was on display and will be reviewed soon.

The Rest

One thing that has to be said about Bar One is that they do exceptional caramel slices.

Bar One,
Wales Millennium Centre,
Bute Place,
Cardiff Bay,
CF10 5AL

Carrot Cake Surprise

3 May

The best type of carrot cake is surprise carrot cake. After a long, although enjoyable, work meeting I came back to the office to find just that awaiting me.


Apparently it was from Kemis in Cardiff Bay. I will have to go in for an official review as it was delicious! Thanks to Angela, NUT Wales Executive Member and supporter of my carrot cake endeavours, for the Friday afternoon pick me up!