A Gruffalo for the Gryffalo

29 Apr

So it was my little Gryffalo’s first birthday last week. Unbelievable how quickly that time has flown. It feels like only yesterday that my good wife was caught out with the early arrival of our boy while pond dipping on a school trip!

While I am pretty much an exclusive Carrot Cake man I thought the below creation was worthy of a quick blog post. Sure we can all agree it’s pretty special.


The cake looked spectacular. What’s more impressive is that it tasted amazing as well. Really moist victoria sponge filling. When cut up I fear it became less of a one year old birthday treat and more a tribute to Se7en.


I’m glad to say neither the cake, nor the overwhelming nature of being centre of attention, phased Gryff. I can’t say he was quite as cool a customer when dealing with Guinea Pigs at the petting zoo however.



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