Return to Brava

25 Apr

The Place

I’ve been feeling a little guilty after giving Brava, one of my favourite places to eat, a somewhat lukewarm carrot cake review a few weeks back. With that in mind, when dining here in the evening, I thought it only right to review the hot chocolate to balance things up.

The Hot Chocolate


I’m glad to say I can return from this visit to Brava with more favourable news. The cream is some of the best I’ve had on a hot chocolate. The drink itself is rich with dark chocolate and all round a really nice treat.  Well recommended.

The Carrot Cake

No carrot cake this time. Previous Brava carrot cake review can be found here.

The Rest

While this is generally a strict hot chocolate/carrot cake blog it would be remiss of me not to mention what was the finest cheesecake I’ve ever had.


I had this white chocolate cheesecake in Brava a few weeks ago and it amazed me. With that in mind I assumed having it again would be a let-down but it most certainly was not. If you go here for a meal in the evening I strongly urge you to try it. It is Magic!

I also had the humous as a starter and the Lamb spinich balti as a main. Both I’m glad to say were very tasty. It is also worth stating that the service is absolutley fantastic.

71 Pontcanna Street,
CF11 9HS


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