Costa – Leckwith

25 Apr

The Place

As a chain once you’ve seen one costa you’ve seen them all I guess.

The Hot Chocolate


Again with a chain you expect standards to be replicated across outlets and that is pretty much the case. This review of Costa in Taunton probably could be repeated word for word for Cardiff in terms of the hot chocolate.

The Carrot Cake


The spices and frosting were very good and on that basis it was enjoyable. It was let down a bit by the fact that the cake itself was rather dry. Having a middle tier of frosting did mask it to a certain degree but not enough that it didn’t detract from the overall flavour.

The Rest

This was a welcome pick me up after night of the Gryffalo teething left me a little on auto-pilot.

It was good to actually review a hot chocolate and carrot cake together for the first time in a while. However, I think after seeing that one Costa offered nothing new over another in future I won’t review chains more than once.

Leckwith Rd
South Glamorgan
CF11 8AZ


2 Responses to “Costa – Leckwith”

  1. Dorine April 26, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    Have you tried Coffee #1? I know they’re another chain, but I believe they started in Wales.

    I like Costa… They make a nice chai latte 🙂

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