The Coffee House at Cadwaladers – St David’s II

12 Apr

The Place


An open plan area in the food market of St David’s II. It has quite quaint decor, almost like a country club in a modern shopping hall.

The service was not the best. Even after being asked to repeat my order no less than six times, they still got the drinks wrong.

The Hot Chocolate

Having already had a hot chocolate that day I just had a diet coke. I am mindful I can’t recall the last time I blogged about a hot chocolate and carrot cake at the same time. Poor planning.

The Carrot Cake


The Coffee House is right across from the Muffin Break. While it has yet to be reviewed, I know from past experience, Muffin Break do a stunning carrot cake. Given the Coffee House is a few yards away it has to be judged against that standard. Sadly there is little comparison. The frosting was moist and light but the cake itself was bland and dry. Disappointing.

The Rest


The food generally is limited to just sandwiches and paninis but I have to say my hot Philadelphia beef panini was very nice.

The Coffee House at Cadwaladers
8 Bridge Street Arcade,
St Davids Dewi Sant,
CF10 2EF


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