Coffee#1 – Pontcanna

3 Apr

The Place


I was formally a big fan of Coffee#1 but after stumbling upon Brava around the corner I would rarely choose this place now. On this occasion Brava was full and so we stopped in here. It’s no reflection on Coffee#1 it is just I love Brava.

The Hot Chocolate


Coffee#1 actually offer a good selection of different hot chocolates including hazelnut, coconut and mint. Perhaps worth a repeat review for that very reason. On this occasion I opted for traditional. The cream was lovely but melted a little too quick into the drink rather than holding its form. The drink itself was tasty and the flakes of chocolate on top were an added bonus.

The Carrot Cake

Having indulged in some birthday treats already I gave the carrot cake a miss. There are some very nice looking dessert selections at Coffee#1 it has to be said.

The Rest

Just like Mufasa to Simba I took pride in saying, ‘one day all this will be yours,’ as the Gryffalo had his first taste of hot chocolate.

211-217 Cathedral Road,
CF11 9PP


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