Brava – Pontcanna

3 Apr

The Place


I am a huge fan of Brava. The place is lovely inside and the staff are constantly friendly and accommodating, especially with the Gryffalo. It really feels like going to a friend’s house for food. I happened upon it by accident some months back and have been going ever since. The food is always very good. I had a white chocolate cheesecake at night there a few weeks back that was simply unforgettable. The only problem is that it is so popular that often it is hard to get a seat.

The Hot chocolate

On this occasion I didn’t have one but I will review it at some point. I can say from experience that it is very good.

The Carrot Cake


I feel terrible saying this about a place I love so much but the carrot cake is only ok. The icing is very nice but the cake itself isn’t amazing. It could do with something a little extra. Either to be more moist or perhaps to have a bigger hit of flavour. It just feels like there’s something missing? Brava do so much brilliantly it is a shame that I can’t say it about the carrot cake.

The Rest

Despite the cake not living up to Brava’s usual standards I didn’t leave disappointed. We had a long drive home from a very cold Torquay and the visit was still ideal. Lovely scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Fresh and very tasty. The Gryffalo was equally satisfied with his vegetarian pasta.

71 Pontcanna Street,
CF11 9HS


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