Not just carrot cake, but M&S carrot cake – M&S Leckwith

18 Mar

The Place

As a café in an M&S outlet you can hardly expect the best experience but service is still important. Sadly it was desperately lacking. There appeared to be around 8 staff members. One serving on the till, one making the tea and the rest walking around like extras from the walking dead. It was made worse by the speed of delivery of those working on the shop floor which was reminiscent of a contestant at the end of gladiators trying to get up the travelator.

The Carrot Cake


I have to say this was a very nice carrot cake, especially as I haven’t had one for a while. The cake itself was nice and moist with a creamy frosting. Really enjoyable. Almost, but not quite, worth the wait.

The Hot Chocolate


The drink itself was very nice, good chocolate taste and refreshing. Sadly, I wasn’t offered any cream. Always a rookie mistake in my book. On the other hand it did come with shortbread. Every cloud and all that.

The Rest

My good wife had a Lemon drizzle cake that she described as ‘moist, but too lemony.’ Personally I think if you order lemon expect lemon. In fairness mind I tasted it and it was bitter!

The Gryffalo was with us and had a sandwich. As you can see from the below photo it wasn’t to his liking. He proved that point by being sick moments later.


Finally we were blessed with some entertainment after a lovely old man came and sat next to us and began whistling Myfanwy. Less welcome was when he moved on to whistling repeatedly the theme to last of the Summer Wine.

Marks and Spencer
Leckwith Rd
Capital Retail Park,
Leckwith Rd,


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