The Cosy Club – Cardiff

7 Mar

The Place


I do really like the location and interior of The Cosy Club.


Just off St David’s II shopping center it’s ideal for lunch when out and about.  Inside is smart casual with deep chairs and some nice open spaces and big windows to people watch the time away.

The Carrot Cake

Foolishly I assumed there was no carrot cake available as there was none on the menu, only to find out there was as I was leaving.  This is a lesson learnt in future.

The Hot Chocolate

photo (1)
This looked very nice but beyond appearances there was little to write home about, or blog for that matter.  I’m not a fan of marshmallows in general and especially not in hot chocolate.  They quickly become soggy and it’s a case of getting them out before enjoying the drink.  Sadly I wasn’t asked if I wanted any as it was just assumed.  Poor effort.  The chocolate itself was weak and I really could have been drinking tea.  I don’t like tea.

The Rest

If I was looking for hot chocolate I would give Cosy Club a miss in future. That said the pulled pork sandwich I had for lunch and the sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce for dessert are worth the visit.  The staff were also very accommodating with the Gryffalo.

The Cosy Club

Units LG53 & UG53
1 Hills Street, St David’s 

CF10 2LE


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