Peyton & Byrne St Pancras

4 Mar

While on a recent visit to London I didn’t get a chance to experience any of the Time Out rated top 10 hot chocolates in the city, I was grateful to queen of the baking twitterati, Elliw Gwawr (@elliwgwawr) for directing me towards Peyton & Byrne for my latest Carrot Cake outing.

The Place


There’s a number of Peyton & Byrne outlets in London. The one I visited was located at St. Pancras station. From the outside it looked nice and fresh but I have to say the high chairs and busy interior are a tad too much like a hotel lobby. It was less cosy and more rushed, no doubt a reflection of its setting in a hectic train station. There is a Peyton & Byrne based just a few hundred meters away at the British library that perhaps would have been a more welcome environment. On that thought I’ve spent a lot of time at the British library recently while doing a diploma with the CIPR. If you’ve never been there I would highly recommend it. A great building and a fantastic resource.

The Carrot Cake


Rather than a slice, Peyton & Byrne serve up individual carrot cakes. I’d been looking forward to trying the cake since Elliw’s recommendation of the store so perhaps I had built it up for failure but sadly fail it did. The icing was really lovely. Creamy and sweet in equal measure, but the cake itself was disappointingly dry.

The Hot Chocolate


The hot chocolate was quite watery and without any cream which let it down. That said I am a fan of dark coco and the taste was strong and bitter in the right ways.

The rest


Caught in the wonder of an array of beautiful looking cakes I also opted to try the strawberry, pistachio and chocolate cake. Three of my favourite flavours.

Sadly as with its carrot cake predecessor this also disappointed. The strawberry mouse needed to be firmer while neither pistachio nor chocolate hit the pallet.

Peyton & Byrne at St. Pancras
Unit 11, The Undercroft
St. Pancras International

020 7278 6707


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