Carrot Cake and Potato

25 Feb


Dylan’s: Porth – RCT

The place

It’s quite busy here and often loud, which is inevitable given it’s also a bar, so it doesn’t really lend itself to just going for some cake. To be fair to Dylan’s their business is less desserts and more family meals, which they do well. I’d recommend the steak sandwich.

The cake


I’ve had the carrot cake here before but generally been underwhelmed. I have to say, on this occasion it was very good. It was spicy with a good level of marzipan topping. Unconventionally I had it with ice cream. Generally I think carrot cake is best unaccompanied but it actually worked well.

The hot chocolate

Sadly in the bluster of the day I forgot to order hot chocolate. Amateur

The rest

In other news my teething son screamed throughout most of the meal, stopping only to rub potato into my wife’s hair. Sorry to the other patrons.

No, I wasn’t lying. This really is a blog about carrot cake.

The Old Post Office,
Porth Sq,
CF39 9RT
01443 683822


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